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I overuse the world "also," so I'm contemplating banning it from my writing for a little while. Good idea yes/no?

I did my nails today!
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The Monarch Butterfly pattern is fun, but I have so much trouble drawing with my left hand.

I'm home from college as of Thursday and have yet to reintegrate all of my crap into my room. Uuugh. Some days I worry I'm an episode of Hoarders waiting to happen.
One of the fun parts of being home is that my dog is here~. She's very cute, but if you leave your door open at night she wakes you at 7 AM by jumping on your face. She is a little lab, but 50 lbs is still a lot of stomping.



I made a tumblr. It seems vaguely confusing. Also, why the hell do I need an fb, lj, and tumblr? Nevertheless it's nota-lone.tumblr.com.

I also just upgraded to an iPhone~!!! It's so pretty and shiny and I am afraid to hold it. Also, the apple marketing people are geniuses.


Proper Spring Weather

IT IS WARM HERE! So I am neglecting studying for my finals by blogging on a snuggy laid out on the grass. I am also wearing my new flowered skirt and obnoxiously bow covered pale pink shirt (yes H&M's spring fashions, you are my favorite!). I may post a picture later, but it's a little too bright for me to know what the hell is going on on my screen. I keep losing the cursor.

Professor Chang sang us a poem in Chinese Empires today. It was one of the sad ones, so he drew out the syllables at the ends of the lines and accompanied it with dramatic hand motions as he paced around the room. I really wish I had it on video.

Nothing much else going on. I managed to be productive yesterday, which was a dramatic turnabout from this weekend and Monday which I spent either running around having fun or reading the entire internet.

My last improv show was this Saturday and it went FANTASTICALLY. Then we ate sushi, got hoed up, and went to Rocky Horror. Oh, and I slept in until like noon that morning. It was pretty much the ideal day.

It's amazing how much my mood depends on the weather. The two days it rained last week I pretty much slept through, but since it's been sunny I've been so much more energetic. Conclusion: I cannot move to Seattle, I would fall into a coma.

I don't know if this makes any sense because I can't really see the screen enough to edit it.
I think I'll take a nap in the sunshine.

That Dog Won't Hunt, Monsignor.

I have about forty bajillion things to do today, so I have no idea why I am updating my live journal. But I'm doing it anyway!
So. I'm in a late middle ages class this semester and I am reminded as to why I love Prof. Squatriti. He's one of the best lecturers I've ever had. I also have a class on Chinese Empire. I've learned a lot so far, but most of it is off topic. Prof Chang will be trying to teach us about feudalism but will be distracted by a sweet story about the Ming dynasty's armada. I'm enjoying the class either way. He's such an adorable old person, too.
Microbio, which I'm in right now, does not seem very hard, but it's a shit ton of info I already know read off slides in the thickest accent I have ever heard. And I have a test on Thursday that I totally haven't studied enough for. /assuming panic mode/
My American Culture class is on the Pacific and it should be interesting, but the teacher is one of those people who only accepts her interpretation (and I think it's bullshit sometimes). She also allows students to make wild jumps in logic from the text so long as it supports her argument. But I'm not really sure how to bitch about it without seeming like I'm defending Europeans or something. I'm not. I just think that she's a little ridiculous.

And pchem. I'm also in pchem and it is by far my hardest class. It's getting a little better, but we started off the year with quantum mechanics. I like to picture science or relate it to something I've observed and I've never observed black body radiation. Or an particle in a box length L with infinitely tall sides. And they said not to worry, no one understands it that way, just believe in the math. Noooooooo.

What else has happened that isn't school bitching? I've made better friends with the Hetalia cosplay group! They're super fun to be with, but sometimes I feel like I am creepering in on a set group of friends or something. Which I realize is paranoid but I feeeeeeel things. Such things. I can't deny my feeeeeeelings.
No news on the relationship front. I continue to accidentally flirt with all of humanity and they continue to not respond (I think?). That might be a lie. I can't even tell. I have selective relationship aspergers, apparently.

I am not paying attention in genetics

I think the professor secretes chloroform as she teaches. I mean, I think genetics is very interesting, but... not when she teaches it.
It's also optimal sleeping temperature in this room at all times for some reason.

So. Update. It's finals week next week and this week is orgo hell week. I have two lab reports, a lab exam, and a lab quiz yet to go. The lecture exam was yesterday and I don't know how I did yet, but I feel alright about it.

The guy behind me asked why I wasn't knitting today. I feel so memorable. And then I finished his Flight of the Concords quote. I am super cool. Please don't be reading this over my shoulder, guy.

In other exciting news, my laptop is reincarnated! My hard drive died before Thanksgiving, so I had to buy and install (have an IT guy install) a new one. And then put Windows 7 back on it. Unfortunately, I don't have my Microsoft Office suite anymore and I have to wait to use my dad's copy when I get home. I mean, I only really need word, and that can be replaced by Google docs, but no. I don't want to. /hissy fit/
And I'm not going to use Ubuntu. That is a significantly larger pain in my behind. Phiromerrra.
Also I renamed my computer Charlemagne. Due to its raw power.

I have an improv show on Friday (hopefully during which I hold up my end of the funny) and a hockey game and a cosplay meet (I am such a humongous dork) with all of my lesbians on Saturday. <3 This is what is keeping me alive right now.

The Sweater is Finished

I've finished my first sweater! So exciting.
So I know I haven't posted in a while. Probably mostly because I said that I would. /failure/
But I am super excited about finishing this puppy. And there are pictures!
WARNING: I didn't re-size anything: you've been warned.
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So that's what I'm doing with my time since my hard drive decided to die. (Noooooo.) I started it this summer in Luxembourg, but I haven't had time for anything more intricate than scarves since school started.

In Which There Was Fanfiction

Heeeerp derrrp. So. Despite anime/manga not being my super favorite (why do their eyes just disappear sometimes?) I am unnaturally obsessed with Hetalia.
Because it is so full of history derping.
And I wrote fanfiction.

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Headcanon explanation for this shenanigans:
Here be spoilers for the fic!
So there was never actually a centralized place called "Germania," that was just the blanket label Romans applied to all of the nations in the North. They were in fact a loose collection of tribes whose labels were also imposed by Rome (they did a lot of that).
Lombardia, Francia, and Goth wouldn't really represent places so much as a collection of peoples (and also did not have their heydays at the same time), but I fudged a few things in order to "Hetaliatize" them.
Anyway, this has lead my headcanon to assume that Rome just can't tell the difference between them and the Germanias have all either given up on correcting him or use this to their advantage.

Parte Deux, Mein Lieblings

I have no idea if parte is French for part, nor do I care. Suck it, Trebeck. (What a delightfully combative way to start my blog!)

Today began with my friend Tess coming from Belgium about an hour earlier than I expected due to a lack of traffic. So we got a bit of a headstart in exploring the city. We wandered around and saw just about every plaza in the whole city. I bought two things of postcards (yes they will come soon) and we realized that I had visited every single place on them.

We also walked halfway down into the valley where the Roman ruins are, but we saved those for tomorrow since the were going to close in an hour.
I've also discovered that pretty much everyone speaks English, but pretty much no one understands my accent. I also talk faster when flustered and not being understood flusters me. It's a vicious cycle I need to stop.

I also spend like 40 euros just eating and hydrating myself. So I don't think I'll spend any money for the next week. I'll just have to find a water fountain. Which I haven't so far. I don't think they believe in tap water.

Also, don't take this badly Luxembourg, but your native specials are really gross. I got the dumplings with bacon, because I eat both of those things. What I received was actually awkwardly gummy boiled/fried dough and boiled bacon fat.
But that's ok, because your carbonated iced tea is freaking delicious. I would like to comment which one of you brilliant Europeans came up with that. Because is like drinking magic.

And now I have to sign off because Tess wants to leave at 10:30. Although I am preeeetty sure I did something else. Eh. I'll write more tomorrow.


Living the Lux Life

Puns and alliteration? Damn, I am in real form tonight.
Ok. So I am resuscitating my livejournal in order to keep a record of my time in Luxembourg. It's gonna be exciting, guys. Really exciting.

So yesterday (and partially the day before) we flew in. I can't sleep on planes. I don't know why. We landed, I took a nap, organized all of my shit (it is so organized) and went to Cora, the big grocery store here. Can we talk about how swank everything is here? The grocery store is like a pastry shop, a high end grocery store, and Costco had a baby. Everything is in generally smaller packages, but they also have a lot of Cora brand stuff, which is about 1/2 the price and serious quality. This is not a paid ad. I just need to tell you how legit this store is. So I bought all of the stuff that was too large, weird, or liquid to take on the plane along with some food. And the clerks all sit down. Which, while nice, makes me feel very productive. Because if I sat down at Buschs they would fire my lazy butt.
And then we went to a Chinese restaurant called Pearle de Chine, which is owned by Mai, a Chinese woman who has a grip like a wrestler, speaks at least four languages (including French accented English which is sweet), and makes me feel inferior due to the sheer awesome she radiates. And all of the food was awesome. And it is ten seconds from the apartment. Baaaaaller.

Today I woke up and used the freaky bathroom surrounded by mirrors. It's like brushing your teeth at an upscale wedding dress retailer. Then we sat around and watched TV on the slingbox until we got hungry. Mom and I walked to the nearest gas station which is SO SWANKY. I know I keep saying that, but it was fancier than any gas station I have ever seen. They had gourmet sandwiches, citrus fruits, quality wine (a lot of it), and clerks who look nothing like Norman Bates.
Then we went back and at them. I said I wasn't tired at all and then took a three hour nap and slept so hard it hurt to wake-up. And then I helped Mom make dinner in the tiny kitchen, ate, and blogged about it.

Tomorrow I will go out with Tess (who speaks some languages) and hopefully have photos, videos, actually stories to share tomorrow.

Several Observations on Human Nature

People of Ann Arbor, sometimes I don't give you enough credit.
As none of you are probably aware - as I update almost never anymore - I started my spring semester classes at U of M on Tuesday. This also marked the beginning of me commuting to campus. Which is kind of a big deal.

I'm not an awful driver, but I lack both experience and confidence behind the wheel. I'm a heck of a lot better than I was when I started, but... I'm not really a professional. When I get flustered, my driving gets a little shaky.

So I actually made it out on the highway alright and all the way to a commuter lot that I had gotten all the info on the night before. Unfortunately, this commuter lot was being repaved, which was not mentioned on the website. I was given very bad directions to another lot that I could not find. After about 20 minutes of driving around, I decided that I would just go look for a lot I had passed a lot on the way to north campus. One entire side was completely parked up, and I had driven the rest of the side without finding anything, when a woman waiting for the bus directed me toward a spot at the end of the isle. It was about two feet narrower than I'm comfortable parking in, and I stopped too late because I almost didn't see her. So when I pulled in - already pretty worked up - I somehow managed to hit the mirror/bumper of the other car. And I was stuck sideways in the spot, sobbing, desperately going from drive and reverse to get out.

The lady who waited at the bus stop came over and said, "It's ok. The cars are fine. You're ok. Do you want me to park it for you?" She handed me her bag, backed out of the spot, and parked my car. She then had the bus wait for me as I got my backpack out of the car. She sat down next to me and gave me advice on pulling out later when I was going home, and made sure that I got off in time to get to Central.

I made it to class on time, I successfully got back home, and my mom was (blessedly) alright with the bumper damage, saying something along the lines of, "I have two teen-aged drivers. This isn't going to be the first time this happens."

Thank you, Ann Arborites. You may be a little too indie for your own good, and you may indulge in pot a little too much, and yes, you are a little far left of center. But you are damn good people. This is not the first time I've needed to rely on a perfect stranger in this city. Hell, it's the only way I ever get around! When I'm not sure about where I'm going, I ask someone on the bus. Even if they don't know, there's at least three passengers and the driver who are willing to give me directions. Last time this happened, a man who looked like a bystander in an Alan Moore novel told me that we're getting off at the same stop, and he'll show me where to go. The lady behind him informed me that taking the 22 bus next time would really get me closer as the little old man in the "Korea Veteran" hat nodded his assent.

The mere memory of you guys is an instant cure for misanthropy.